Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another garage sale find

I don't remember when I went on my last garage sale, it was sometime before is got so hot outside. Emily and I nearly fought over this find... In the end I won because I made the first move.

Strawberry lemonade to enjoy while lounging...

I got the frame for this bad boy for the low low price of 8 dollars!!!!

I had to get a new cushion which was a little bit more... but overall I think I got a really great deal out of it. I need to get a storage chest where I can store the cushion outdoors. As soon as my shed if roofed I could store it in there. It is the perfect place to sit outside and read while enjoying some lemonade!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hipster Granny

I went on a little mother/daughter/grandmother trip over the past couple of days... we had some good times. I forgot my new camera which makes me really mad.. but my phone takes pretty decent pictures.
My grandma and mom at the Basin Park Hotel Restaurant in Eureka Springs.

My grandma is a real hippy... She doesn't need a feather extension to look like one, but I got her one for her birthday anyway. I think it looks perfect on her.

Crafting ADD

I have a serious case of crafting attention deficit disorder... I start something, but have a terrible time finishing a project.

Finally fridge is done!!! I am so pleased with it! Someone smarter than me suggested taking off the handles of the fridge to paint easier... it worked great.

I got a new camera for my birthday, there is still hope that I can get a decent picture on here...