Monday, December 17, 2012

At last, its almost done

I was looking for a good before picture of this table, but I couldn't find it. I think I bought it last summer at a yard sale for $20. Not too shabby. It however has taken be forever to work on it! I have had grand plans but never seem to find time to work on it.

The other day Emily and I had a crafting marathon (much needed) and just before quitting we decided to stencil the design onto the table. We didn't have a plan, we just went with it. As you can see in the middle, is a very nice deer head with some awesome swirly antlers. Chance called it a "fantasy buck" whatever that means.

It looks a little iffy here.. I know.

It gets worse before it gets better:

I know that is an awful picture, terrible lighting. I let Chance help me pick out the stain. He wanted one called black cherry. It looks a little purpley here, but that was before you wipe the extra off.

I will post a another, better picture of it this afternoon hopefully. This morning I added the first layer of sealer. I think in will be awesome when it is done. The stain did tint my white paint a little purple, but I think it looks cool.

Here is my dining room window, all decked out. I have more little bottle brush trees to blog about too, but you can see a couple in the window sill here.
Have a good Monday! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Grinchy grinch

Doesn't Meadow look like Max from the Grinch. I think that is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies.

I need to get busy! I want to make Christmas cookies for school tomorrow and I need to get going on some Christmas cards!

I know this is short, but at least its something!

I can't wait to show off the secret projects I have been working on for Christmas.

Friday, December 14, 2012


I am the worst blogger ever! I want to! I do, I really do. It just seems like its always the last thing I have time for these days. I decided if I had someone to follow me around and take picutres of all the stuff that I do, then I could blog more. Ha!

You all know I am a pinteresting fool. By  the way I wish I had invented pinterest. I went a little glitter crazy last week.

 Don't pay attention to that little place on this poor deerys antler. I'll touch it up. I also made some glitter pine cones. So festive. The deer came from here. I started following her on pinterest after reading her blog a little. Fun!

 I love wrapping Christmas presents. I stock up the year before after Christmas, then its so fun to re find all the things I bought the previous year.

Well me dreams came true last Saturday and Emmy took some pictures for me. I'm spoiled, you could say.

Thanks for still reading my blog, even though its only once a month. Smooch.