Wednesday, October 3, 2012

cathartic crafting

I love knitting in the fall. I can't do it in the summer, but as soon as the first crisp day comes, I'm ready to dig out some project I started the year before. I posted a picture a few days ago of the pumpkiny scarf I am working on. I like knitting for its brainless quality. I don't follow patterns and generally I don't switch stitches. There are far better knitters out there than me, but I like being able to knit without thinking and without looking. It makes me feel like less of a bum if I am knitting while watching the Voice and other generally brain melting type television. I would like to get a little better though, so I could knit something like this very cute hat:
So cute. Porkchop has generally been uninterested in Huck until now. I think he was mystified by him getting up on his hands and knees. He was talking to Huck and Huck was laughing so hard. It was very precious.

Like knitting, I find embroidery to be quite cathartic. I have to look while I do it, but it doesn't require much thought at all. I whipped this little number and a matching bib up for Huck while he was napping the other day.  I hope he likes it!

I like making onesies. It is too fun and so easy. I have some fun Christmas fabric I might have to do something with. Too bad I don't have anyone to make a Hello Kitty outfit for.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sepia Saturday

I have had some of the laziest weekends over the past month. It was nice. Well deserved even. October means fall for me... and I certainly am ready for it. The fall is the most perfect season ever, and it makes me feel energized and excited.

I mentioned earlier that I am working on my craft room... getting it organized and turning it from a junk pile to an inspiring oasis. I have been yearning for the perfect working desk. One that is nice a sturdy that won't shake when my sewing machine works too hard, and one with plenty of drawers for all my junk.

What a steal for $15! If you figured it per pound, it would be basically free. It was quite the feat to get it loaded and unloaded, but oh so worth it.

I even tricked my bestie into a breakfast date! Huck loves breakfast dates.

I literally did nothing else on Saturday after that. It was delightful! I really am sad we didn't have a craft booth this year though... I am looking forward to it next fall. My crafts might be commonplace on pinterest and etsy, but here in the Ozarks they are still new and fresh and different.