Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thrifty Find

 I have been looking for the perfect headboard for quite sometime. A few weeks ago I did a double take as I was driving down Kearney. Leaning up against a store front I saw a headboard with some real potential. I did a U turn and made my way into a tiny little thrift store. I managed to get this headboard for the low low price of $15 with a little haggling. It is defiantly solid wood too, very heavy and it wouldn't fit in my car. I was really afraid that it might be gone by the time I cam back for it, but gladly, it was waiting for me.

 With the help of my lovely assistant I sanded the edges to make it look less "princessy" and more shaby chic.
 The finished project in my bedroom! It looks awesome I think! It ended up being just what I wanted!