Thursday, October 20, 2011

Of this I am certain...

Every day of my job is different. There is not much that is certain, some people I see love me, others maybe not so much. I am the same person everyday, or at least I try to be. I try to always be kind, understanding, and empathetic... And yet sometimes my patients think I am the worst part of the day, which makes for the worst part of my day. I try however to find something that can brighten their spirits. There are another kind of patients too... the ones who think I am the best part of their day... the ones that make me have a good day. These patients don't always know this is the case, which makes it even better.

The other day I had the pleasure of treating such a patient. This patient was close to 90, but you wouldn't guess that. They were kind and soft spoken and wanted to work hard to get better. During our session this patient had a visitor... I could tell right away they had been friends for a long long time... They spoke in circles, answering their own questions before the other could answer. I asked how long they had known each other, and the reply was something along the lines of "all our lives." It was pure entertainment to listen to them catch each other up on the happenings of the 85 plus generation.

Right then I knew, someday this would be me. Someday I would be visiting, or would be be visited by a life long friend....

You can't ask for much more in life.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Apple Butter Makin' Days

I have never been more proud of my crafty self than I am now that we have officially completed our first craft festival. She takes/and has way better pictures of the tent so you'll have to go to her blog and check it out. I liked this one the best because of that sexy plexy reflection in the mirror. Haha.

I'm still tired from the weekend, but oh so happy!

Now I just need to unpack my car. Oh and clean up my disaster of a house that has tiny bits of fabric and felt strewn about the living room floor... alas.

I can't believe I could even have a desire to craft but I am thinking about those train cases I have been collecting all summer... what to do what to do...

Saturday, October 8, 2011


I swear I haven't disappeared... I'm busy being the queen of crafting at Apple Butter Makin' days.

If you came by today and I scribbled out my blog for you, thanks so much for stopping by! Etsy shop to come soon!