Saturday, March 17, 2012

Potato, po-ta-toe

I am quite proud of myself, I must say. For the first time, I had enough compost from my own compost pile that I could add it to my garden! Last year I started using a plastic tub with holes poked in it instead of my chicken wire nightmare I used before. The chicken wire method didn't work well because any waste that turned into good dirt, just ended up soaking into the bare ground at the bottom of the pile. My plastic tub method prevented this. I was very pleased to see an abundance of earthworms!

I planted some red potatoes and made this cute little sign for them. I have been hanging onto these little wooden planks for quite some time. They seemed too valuable to toss out but I had been at a loss until now. I used a sharpie to label and just like that... plant markers.


  1. good work! I got some containers so I will be starting some seeds this week- yay for veggies!

  2. Us apartment dwellers will work for food...