Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Randomness from my phone : something for Emily to read tomorrow

 My only dedicated reader, eh um... Miss Emmy in the Making has been complaining about my lack of blog posts... well I have some very valid reasons why I haven't been crafting or taking pictures of my crafts... You see, this little booger named Huck has been taking up so much of my free time!
 Oh and his mom too. She has been taking up a lot of time! How about this has been the best maternity leave ever???

 Lots of chilllaxing is important. And smores consumption... you can't miss that.
 I have made a few wedding crafts... I need to get some better pictures of them. This picture frames are going to hold some of our engagement pics so I will re post them once those are in. They were super cheap on clearance at Target or some such and I just spiffed them up a bit with mod podge and paint.
I'm trying really hard to make multi purpose wedding crafts so I don't end up with a ton of crap to get rid of when its all over. I LOVED this little prop we used in our pics... Hopefully the letters didn't glare for Anna like they did for me.

Well Emily, none of this was new to you but I hope you liked the pictures. I have so loved our extra time together!!!!



  1. Quite lovely, you are so talented. You are my devoted bosom friend/kindred spirit!!!

    ps it seems that Mag reads your posts as well.

    1. You are right, Maggie, I apologize, you are a devoted reader too. xoxo

    2. I was going to say...

      Also, it's hard to be a dedicated reader when you don't post anything.

      You and me and Emily should take a walk by the Lake of Shining Waters and plan how to make you the most rapturously radiant bride on Prince Edward Island.

    3. Lol. Whereabouts is this lake of shining waters???