Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Refrigerator Bread and Butter Pickles

,Ask and ye shall receive Jamie! I am so happy someone is reading my blog!!!! Maybe I will be semi famous for my musing some day.

Three years ago I made 26 quarts of dill pickles from the cucumbers in my garden (my first garden). I had watched my mom can pickles and jellies and applesauce and pasta sauce so many times, I figured canning would just come natural to me. My mom came by one afternoon and helped me set up my kitchen. She also brought me all the tools I needed.  After some step by step directions, she left, and turned me loose! I have to say those pickles turned out almost as good as hers. Emmy in the Making's hubby loves them! I have gotten away with giving him them for Christmas every year since! Lol. I however, am kind of tired of those pickles! I still have a few quarts in the back of my pantry. I decided to try something new this year. Oh that and I don't have near the cucumber harvest as I did that first year.
This is it for this year! Some of those little ones are just a couple inches long. I had to run down to the produce stand to grab some more. I paid 4 dollars (a tad steep) for 2 pounds of pickling cucumbers.  I had some of these giant ones:
You can't really tell the difference on here, but it was bigger than all those little ones combined. First rule to making good pickles: Use small, crisp cucumbers. If they are mushy, toss them out. You will be very disappointed with your results.

Pinterest is a household word these days. I am really not sure what I did to waste time before it came along. Who invented it? It is so much better than facebook. Anyway.... I found my recipie there this morning when I wasn't even looking for it! It came from here!! I'll let you read the details if you end up making them yourself, which you totally should.

After I washed all of my cucumbers, I set to work using a handy wavy knife to make nice thick chunks.  I added 2 tbs of pickling salt to the mix and covered it all and put it in the fridge for and hour or so.

Next I mixed the vinegars, sugars, and spices and brought them to a boil. This really couldn't be easier, you drain your cucs, add an onion, then pour the mixture over the top. You let that sit out for an hour or so.  Last step you simply fill your jars and pop in the fridge. The recipe says to chill for 24 hours... I just tried one after an hour to see how they were coming and they are PERFECT.

I highly recommend you try this recipe first if you are new to canning. It is waaaayyyy easier than the hot water bath way, and you don't have to sterilize your jars and such. However, if you were giving these as a gift or serving them at a party, no one would know how easy they were. They would just think you were freaking awesome.

This made 2 quarts for me (2 pints and 1 quart jar). I used more cucumbers than it called for and it I did almost run out of the juice. So good!

In fact, this was so easy, I had time to try out another pinterest idea while I was waiting for the brine to boil.

I have seen several ways to dye a tank/shirt with an ombre type design. I found this pin a few says ago. While I was at dollar general getting my vinegar for my pickles, I scanned the clearance aisle and found some RIT dye for 1.25. STEAL! Perfect time to try it out. I also bought some wife beater tank tops while I was there to use. One of my problems with pinterest is I do not always read the directions or even go to the full link. This kind of kicked me in the butt on this craft, as it didn't really come out ombre, but more just tye dye looking... I still like it though! I may even wear it to work out in if it gets dry in the next half hour.
What do you think??? Maybe its not so bad. Definitely cute enough for a workout! I hope it doesn't bleed purple dye on me. I've had enough of sweat and color for one year! lol.


  1. so, do you have to keep the pickles refrigerated? They look tasty! love the wavy knife!

  2. Yes, they are supposed to last for about a month. They are sooo good though, and sooo easy.

  3. Thanks friend, these look delish! :) And I soooo jealous you go to do the color run! Looks like a blast!!