Monday, October 1, 2012

Sepia Saturday

I have had some of the laziest weekends over the past month. It was nice. Well deserved even. October means fall for me... and I certainly am ready for it. The fall is the most perfect season ever, and it makes me feel energized and excited.

I mentioned earlier that I am working on my craft room... getting it organized and turning it from a junk pile to an inspiring oasis. I have been yearning for the perfect working desk. One that is nice a sturdy that won't shake when my sewing machine works too hard, and one with plenty of drawers for all my junk.

What a steal for $15! If you figured it per pound, it would be basically free. It was quite the feat to get it loaded and unloaded, but oh so worth it.

I even tricked my bestie into a breakfast date! Huck loves breakfast dates.

I literally did nothing else on Saturday after that. It was delightful! I really am sad we didn't have a craft booth this year though... I am looking forward to it next fall. My crafts might be commonplace on pinterest and etsy, but here in the Ozarks they are still new and fresh and different.


  1. jealous of your desk steal! Not commonplace- nay sayer

  2. You are my only commenter Emmy. I need to figure out how to do the linky thing that you do to get non friends and family members to read my nonsense. Thanks for your comments!