Tuesday, November 13, 2012

You win some, you lose some

Emily and I had a busy weekend last week. We had a booth at a little flea market/craft show in Billings called Vintage Cottage. We had hoped that we would sell, you know, everything in our collective inventory, but alas... we brought home a lot! I haven't been investing as much time into my crafting as I wish that I was, so all in all I feel motivated to get to work and build up my inventory for craft shows this spring and fall. Emily and I have some lofty goals. Maybe I will make enough with my crafts that I won't have to work PRN anywhere. That would be awesome.
I mean look at all that cute stuff!! Who wouldn't want to buy that! Speaking of which Emily has posted a lot of new stuff on her Etsy shop, so go check that out!

We also hung out Saturday with my Momma at her open house for her pottery studio. It was very fun and I hope she does that again next year. She had a lot of customers come out!
We brought aprons and wreaths there and made a few sales, so that was oh so very nice. The best part of the weekend though, was introducing Huck and Gibbs to each other. It was precious!

 Gibbs likes to pull Aunt Ash's hair.
Is your heart melted yet? How could it not be with those cute baby faces!? OMG. These little boys are destined to be best friends. ESPECIALLY since my brother and sister in law are moving back to Springfield. I am so happy, words can't describe.

Hope you're ready for Thanksgiving. Maybe I will post something between now and then.



  1. Love those baby faces! Good times! Ps your mom is hott!