Monday, December 17, 2012

At last, its almost done

I was looking for a good before picture of this table, but I couldn't find it. I think I bought it last summer at a yard sale for $20. Not too shabby. It however has taken be forever to work on it! I have had grand plans but never seem to find time to work on it.

The other day Emily and I had a crafting marathon (much needed) and just before quitting we decided to stencil the design onto the table. We didn't have a plan, we just went with it. As you can see in the middle, is a very nice deer head with some awesome swirly antlers. Chance called it a "fantasy buck" whatever that means.

It looks a little iffy here.. I know.

It gets worse before it gets better:

I know that is an awful picture, terrible lighting. I let Chance help me pick out the stain. He wanted one called black cherry. It looks a little purpley here, but that was before you wipe the extra off.

I will post a another, better picture of it this afternoon hopefully. This morning I added the first layer of sealer. I think in will be awesome when it is done. The stain did tint my white paint a little purple, but I think it looks cool.

Here is my dining room window, all decked out. I have more little bottle brush trees to blog about too, but you can see a couple in the window sill here.
Have a good Monday! 

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