Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The time has been flying... here is some of what I've been doing...

Starting a new job has been more stressful than I predicted it would be. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my new job, but it has came with challenges.

I know I am an awful photographer... but I will show you all some pics of what I have been up to lately anyway. I will get better, I promise. (someday)

 Babysitting this cute kid. Garage saleing, going to the park, drinking lots of pumpkin spice lattes.
 Family dinners.
 Trying, failing, and trying again on "easy" pinterst crafts.
Making tasty dinners for my honey like spinach, grilled onion, bacon, and Alfredo french bread pizza.
Going to baseball games.
Going bowling with my honey and my friends.
Oh and some more babysitting with this little fellow. So precious.
Last weekend Chance got to ride this really awesome bike designed for people with disabilities. It was pretty sweet.

See? This is why I am a terrible blogger.

But maybe I am getting better.

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  1. You are getting better! You have such cute kids in your life! The cups looked cute with black writing.