Thursday, September 1, 2011

Playing catch up

I have been a bad bad blogger... I had a craft night so long ago I don't even remember when it was! We made amazing purses out of canvas fabric. These are still bad phone pictures but you can get the idea.

This is Maggie with her delightful cowboy purse. It is quite wonderful.

Kitty likes to help at craft night. I don't know why I don't have a picture of Emily's purse but this is the material hers was made from. It turned out quite well.

Here is Nikki with her bag. She added a cute little owl tag... very fun, but I can't find a picture with it.

Emily hard at work.

Becky supervising Katie's work.

Alicia, the teacher. She is an amazing purse craftswoman. She has mad skills.
Here is my purse. It came in really handy at Silver Dollar City this past weekend when I had to be the mom and hold everyone's stuff when they went to go ride rides. Ha ha. Aren't we cute? Yeah I thought so.

Oh I almost forgot... someone left those sunglasses I am wearing at my house on the last craft night that we had. I have been wearing them because I really liked them... haha. If they are yours let me know, I will return them . They don't look as good on me as I thought they did.



  1. My adorable boyfriend Chance ;p

  2. If they are all stripey they're mine. I got them at Target so you can get your own... :)

  3. They're mine. Thanks, Ashley, I was wondering where I left them. xox

  4. Maggie, I will give them back I swear! We need to have another craft night soon...!! Oh wait I'll see you Tuesday! Woot woot!