Sunday, September 11, 2011


Now that the year is more than half over, I am finally making some serious progress on my New Year's resolutions. I wrote about all that here, if you care to read about things like that. One of my many resolutions was to finish all of the things on my "master to do list". I have lived in my house for almost four years, and there are a few things I have been wanting to do since then. Its a terrible problem. Anyway, one of those things was to clean/organize my garage. The interesting little old man I bought my house from left me many many treasures in my garage. Over the years, I have just added to the piles and piles of things and the cobwebs have just multiplied.

There is pretty much just enough room to drive my car in and that is it. Note the green thing in the bottom left of the picture... that is an awesome table I snagged at a yard sale, which I am sure I will post once I am finished updating it.

Opps, ok there is a better picture of the table. Somewhere under that pile of stuff is a cockroach hotel that doesn't know it is about to be annihilated. Eeek!

This pile is out of hand. Behind those awesome Adirondack chairs I got for my birthday is my bike, my bike rack, and some shelves I snagged at an estate sale for organizing. Ha, they are doing a good job there.

See this fellow? He gets the credit for getting the job done. Sure I did all the heavy lifting but at he kept me on task. If it hadn't been for him, I wouldn't of gotten bored/tired/hot/distracted and would of just shoved everything back in and not been able to park my car in the garage.

This is what I always do, find something better to do than the project at hand. My lovely friend Mary painted me this ages ago and I have been meaning and meaning to frame it but just hadn't. This is my favorite part of the whole "makeover". It is such a happy painting that will greet me every time I pull in the garage. Anyway, after the task master got me going again, I made some more pro

Ta da!! I am so pleased with the finished project!! I like Fall cleaning much better than Spring cleaning.

Now back to the crafting, Apple Butter Makin' Days is just around the corner.



  1. Dude, come over and do my house! It needs some serious organization. I have the cleaning under control, but I too need someone to keep me on task.

  2. Awww I love that you hung that little painting up. Your place looks GREAT!!! I miss you. Judy is losing weight again and getting her old attitude back. Boo. ;P

  3. I miss you too! I love that painting! Any progress in the school area?