Thursday, March 21, 2013

Craft Show Bust

Well we hoped for the best... but alas.. we had terrible luck at the craft show we did Sunday afternoon. TERRIBLE.

My bestie posted a pic here. There are also some terrible pictures of me on there. HA!

Luckily a few friends noticed my pictures I posted on FB and I have brought my headbands to work with me so I have made almost $100 this week. That is awesome!

Look at this guy's dimples! Ha!

We are having a blast with our new FB page Homemade Housewives. IF you don't already like it, you need to like it ASAP!


  1. He makes such a good model for your headbands!

  2. that's too funny! you need to post a link to HH's

  3. I don't know how to post a link Em. Josey, I know, he is the perfect model! Too cute.