Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Break on a budget

I am lucky enough this year to be off work for a whole week! I have a giant list, which at the top of is getting ready for a craft show March 17th.

Not working, in part, (due to one of my jobs) means a smaller April paycheck. I am going to try really hard not to do any frivolous shopping or dining out. Lucky for me though, I have a groupon that I am going to use for a lunch date this afternoon! Woo hoo. I could also do some serious damage with my stash of target gift cards from the wedding, but I am going to wait for the Mr. to spend that. I think we decided the number one thing we want to get is silverware. We have like 3 spoons. I think I have eaten yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast on the go too many times and have lost them all.

Who knows, maybe with this extra time I will post two days in a row!

 I can't wait to get going with all these craft shows we are doing! We have a busy spring schedule!  So fun! This is Emily at Squidfoo last month. Love the look of our/her booth design!

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  1. so foxy, so fresh! sorry for the frivilous dining out yesterday...