Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dino baby

There are so many fun looking baby friendly crafts on pinterest! It is enough to make my head spin!! I have been wanting to make this for quite some time, but was waiting for the perfect occasion. What could be more perfect than a 1st birthday???

I used this link from pinterest :

I am in love with this blog name! So creative!! Anyway, I have been a blogging/ blog reading slacker lately. I just look at pinterest these days.

I thought her tutorial couldn't be easier.

 Success! Dino baby loves his sweatshirt!

 It was a really great birthday party! A lot went on in February! I'm grateful for a little rest... whew.

I have a ton of spring cleaning, rearranging, cleaning, painting, updating projects I want to do. Bring on the nice weather!


  1. looked so cute! but what wouldnt look cute on that kid?

  2. So true. I'm kinda sad he got a hair cut! I need to make some more of those... they were a piece of cake!

    Getting super pumped to get home and sew today!

  3. Dino baby! It turned out great! (And you think you're sad...he looks like a toddler!)