Saturday, March 16, 2013

You can take the girl out of the farm...

I have had a wonderful, relaxing spring break. I didn't accomplish 80% of my to do list... but oh well. That list will always be here.

I did however spend some quality time with my hubby, enjoy the spring weather, have fun pretending to run a bed and breakfast with my bestie and her fam, burn off my finger tips with hot glue while I made a ton of headbands, and most importantly reconnect with my roots and get centered on my dreams and the future. The quiet country can do that to you, if you let it.

Here are some pics of the week...

 Can you spot the tiny church in the back ground? Beautiful surroundings.
 Upcycled brief case. The picture says " Why I'd be delighted to put my needs last again." Good for lugging around your paper work, or even better your crafty supplies. I will be making more of these... happy with how this one turned out. I have several train cases that I am going to turn into sewing boxes. Everyone needs a sewing box.
 Springtime wonderfulness. So pleased with this batch of headbands.
 All four dogs trying to get on my lap at once.
 Agro-toursim at its finest. Early morning chore time with the sun barely up.
 Toasted peep cookiewhich. I think I should patten this master piece. We wanted to have a bon fire, but it was too windy, so thanks to the toaster oven we still had smores. mmmm.
 Paddleboat. Not for me. EEK.
New curtains, brightening up the tired old living room.

 April is Autism awareness month... its what I do peeps. Love my big A babies. Don't know what I would do without them... Support the cause.
 I don't know why coffee tastes better at other peoples houses, but it just does. I think the reason here is some kind of magical vanilla flavored spray whip cream. Hope my mom doesn't care that I pretty much have eaten the whole can.
 Brings back the memories.

 Oh to have a farm some day....
 Even Meadow wants to be a farm dog. She found some cows milk that was meant for the sheep dog, and went a little wild. Can you see her milk beard?
Pink sunrise.... Such a lovely way to start a day.

I'm sad the week is over, but it really has been great. I'm feeling renewed and refreshed....


  1. I would be interested in getting in on that train case sewing when I'm home...we'll discuss...

    Also, isn't it funny how what you hated as a kid is what you aspire to now? Farming...weird stuff.

  2. i was just thinking the same thing. I need a way to carry my projects when I go to my mom's and right now that way is a grocery sack- way lame, plus then I get all my grocery sacks full of projects mixed up! I would love another stay at chateau on the pond any time!

  3. Girls, I will gladly hook you both up with a train case/ brief case of your own.

    Maggie, I am sure that if I lived on a farm full time again I would still hate the very cold days and the very hot days! Lol. I do know what you mean though.