Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Harvest

This year I planted my lettuce from seeds, plenty early. You can see in this picture the tiny starts where I planted more seeds to get a second crop.

I also learned from my mistakes and put the containers up high and out of the reach of pesky bunnies. Last year my entire crop of lettuce was devoured in one night by some apparently ravenous rabbits

This size container worked perfect. They got plenty of sun and rain sitting out in front of my house.

Sorry bunnies, no lettuce for you!


  1. Had a total "im becoming my mother" moment today..... we were looking at a onsie with an owl apliqued on it for like $25, and I said..... "I could make that myself." How many times have I heard those very same words utter from my mom??

  2. Emily & Ashley, that is because we can. We can make anything we want, with the exception of, uh ... nuclear energy, yea, but that's it. A little practice is all. It really excites me that your craft night group is exploring all these fun projects. So many of the things you all are doing are becoming lost arts and it's great you are keeping them alive. xoxoxox Keep it up!