Saturday, May 14, 2011


Today as I was perusing around Target and saw quite a few dresses like this. Now granted, this one isn't from Target, but you get the idea. They seem pretty simple in design so this afternoon I set out to create my own.

I started out with an old knit t-shirt with a bleach stain on the bottom of it. I found some coordinating cherry fabric and I was set. I didn't use a pattern and did some very imprecise measuring, but some how things turned out ok. I tried and failed twice to attach a waist band to cover up the less than perfect sewing job I did to attach the skirt to the shirt.

Here is the point that I realize that this isn't going to work. Lol. Please avert your eyes from the clutter in the background. I spent a good 15 minutes with a seam ripper. Then I decided to make a sash type belt that isn't attached. This worked in the end, but I ran out of thread.

So much for getting finished with my project today. It would of been a very quick little sewing project if I had had a better plan. Unfortunately my phone takes better pictures than my camera.

Here at least you can see the shape of it. It turned out pretty short. I think next time I will make it a bit longer.

I think it turned out pretty cute!!!

Next time I make one I will try to be more precise so I can give coherent directions on how to make one of your very own. I'm all about re-purposing things these days if you haven't noticed. Also I'm working on getting a decent camera. We shall see.

As soon as Emmy emails me pictures from last night's Craft Nite I will have post up full of my beautiful friends making some really adorable aprons.


  1. Judavine! I am glad you like it!

  2. Ashley you are looking so amazing. I want to hug and kiss you. I love your blog! Miss you.

  3. Mary I miss you too! I am glad you like my blog. I only look so amazing because I know how to take flattering pictures of myself. Lol. I am working on things though so that is good. I hope all is well, I miss you!