Monday, May 23, 2011

A ladder for a Kitty

Once again, I apologize for my cell phone picture taking. It is sad that my old phone takes better pictures than my even older camera. I promise I will get a new one.

I got this awesome chair that turns into a ladder, (or is it a ladder that turns into a chair??) at a yard sale for 10 bucks (originally priced $15). Anyway, I thought it was perfect for the kitchen, especially when I can't reach in the back of the top cabinets. I was testing it out as a foot rest the other day, and it collapsed in and now I have a giant bruise. Alas... I guess it will not be as functional as I though... at least Kitty likes it.

I have 4 days off coming up this weekend, so brace yourself for all the posts that will be ensuing.


  1. Where are all these posts I was promised, huh? HUH?!

  2. Oh Maggie, I'm working on it!!!!!