Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Itchin for Stitchin

I've been hanging on to this little gem for awhile now. I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it. I think a sick day is an ideal time for such a project. The key to great embroidery is to get comfy, put in a girly movie, and go to town.

These iron on transfers couldn't be easier. First you cut out the design.

Then iron your fabric, in this project I'm using pillowcases. After your fabric is good and warm, you simply follow the transfer directions and iron onto your surface.

This is bad lighting, I'm sorry. But I promise the image is there.

Here is my stitching helper. Ha! More like pain in the butt! Please note the pretty pedicure on my toe from my Mother's day spa day. It was quite a lovey day.

Kitty fang. He is a mean, mean kitty.

Finished project!

I need a better camera, but you get the idea. This owly is blue and pink.

This owly is orange and white.

Look out for more owls. I can't help it, they are too cute!!!

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  1. that is adorable! i love it! and happy braiding, my friend ;)