Monday, June 18, 2012

National Picnic Day

I heard on the news that today is National Picnic day. Here to for: grab a picnic basket, your cutest friend, and have some fun!

Huck is with me today. Hopefully he will be a good worker bee and will help me address save the dates, make some cute picture display found on pinterest, clean the kitchen, do laundry, mop the floor, make wedding crafts, and re decorate the living room. Oh he also needs to help me put away all my thrifted wedding decorations in the dinning room and refinish the table in the garage since I sold my old kitchen table in the yard sale.

He is currently napping, hopefully hes getting rested up for our big day.

I'm going to get some iced coffee. Mmm. My sis in law Josey always has the BEST iced coffee in her fridge so I followed her directions and have some amazing caffeine in my fridge. It really could not be easier. She said she uses Pioneer Woman's recipe but changed it slightly.

It couldn't be easier. It isn't possible. First you need a big container with a lid. Next, you dump a whole bag of coffee grounds (mine was 12 oz) and fill up with water, stir. Josey swears that freshly ground coffee is best, but I'm too lazy for that. I have done this twice this month so far, this first time with old coffee I found in my cabinet, and the 2nd with Folgers chocolate truffle. Obviously this second batch is better.

After it has sat on your counter for at least 8 hours (with a few stirrings in between) strain into your container with a cheese cloth. Discard your coffee grounds into your compost bin and your garden will love you.

 Don't judge me for my messy sink. That is what Huck baby is here for today, remember?

I have trouble with drippy spouts on these things but I am hoping this one is ok. It is certainly cute (as all impulse buys from Target are.)

I mix mine with raspberry syrup and some 1 % milk along with a teeny tiny splash of half and half. You can adjust the strength in accordance with your addiction to caffeine. 

The Folgers coffee I bought was $5 something at Pricecutter and if you figure that this jug lasts at least a week of morning coffee you would save a ton, especially if you spend $4 plus dollars at Starbucks each day. Whoop. Thanks Josey!

Have a good day picnicing and making iced coffee!

Maybe if I get my kitchen counter cleaned off today I will post later tonight about my kitchen remodel in progress.


p.s. So happy I decided to only work part time this summer. Wish me luck in being productive today so I don't regret it when my paycheck SUCKS. 


  1. I knew that coffee tasted like the highlander... it was the chocolate! Cute kid btw

  2. I knew that coffee tasted like the highlander... it was the chocolate! Cute kid btw

  3. Doesn't coffee mold if you leave it out? Can you brew it in the fridge?

  4. Maggie, In the 8 or so hours that you leave it out, it doesn't mold. Now if you leave it out a week, it definitely does. I think the room temp does better/faster.