Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wedding upcycle

I am a terrible blogger I know. I'm sorry. I really do try, I just get so very busy. I am a very blessed bride, as I have several friends who are lending/giving me their used wedding decor. I am so happy... Decorations are the main part that I am loving... I mean, its every craft girl's dream right? Of course right. I know though, that left to my own demise, I could spend more on the crafting and tiny details than anything else. But not to fret! Help has arrived. My fiance's cousin got married last week at a BEAUTIFUL wedding, and my dear future aunt gave me several left over goodies.

Exhibit A: Simple, classic tea light candle holders.

 I spent just a teeny bit of time and ZERO dollars to transform these from the classy spring wedding center piece to my fall vintage county wedding decor. I have endless supplies of lace scraps and who knows how many bottles of mod podge and that was all I needed! 

Ta da!!!

I made each one a little different, but all with the same theme. I am so pleased. They will look perfect mixed among my blue mason jar vases filled with paper roses and vintage tins.

I'm getting very excited for all the crafting to be done! Can anyone say wedding craft night soon???

Oy vey... So much crafting to do!


  1. Where is all the other cute stuff we made? These are totes cute though!

    1. I'm getting there bud! I will make more posts soon!