Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wedding craft-a-thon, part two

When Chance and I got engaged, one of the first things he demanded I do was get a facebook account. Now I wasn't stuck in the stone ages or anything, I used to have FB, back when it was cool and only college students could use it... back then it was only used for stalking your fellow dorm dwellers or potential study partners from class. But alas... The best thing about FB these days is that it gives you access to the beloved Pinterest. Oh pinterest.

I have used pinterest quite a lot to help come up with wedding craft ideas, but my favorite so far is for upcycled china plates and goblets to be turned into cake stands. I have found with all my intense pinteresting, some people don't know how to pinterest! I had to spend an extra 5 min to find this original link to give credit to the creator.

Emily had already experimented with the project, so it took us no time at all to whip these bad boys together. We first slightly sanded the bottom of our china plates to make a better surface to adhere the goblets to. Once that was dry, we brought them outside so that we could spray paint the goblets. The original tutorial showed painting the plate and glass, but we wanted the vintage plates to be high lighted. 

I bought some spray paint at the good ole Dollar General for less than $2. It wasn't pearlized, but it did kind of look like it once we got it going. 

 Emily is a spray painting pro.

These need another coat of paint, but you can still tell how adorable they turned out! 

 I have a delightful breakfast date this morning with one of my lovely bridesmaids... hopefully we will be able to find her dress and then we will have all the dresses done!



  1. I was wondering when i would get to see a pic of the beaut's.
    So. Stinkin. Fetch.

  2. Those are ADORABLE! What are you going to do with them after your wedding?