Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summery fun breakafst

I love breakfast foods. I love getting a weekend started with a good cup of coffee. A few weeks ago I whipped up this little treat for myself. You should make it pronto. Just because, for something special, for someone special... just make it!

I didn't take step by step pics because it is really just too easy for that. I used a gingerbread man cookie cutter because that's what I could find, but you could use anything. It would fun to do on holidays/special occasions.

I put my gingerbread man in the toaster oven while I buttered the bread, placed it in a skillet, then cracked an egg right in the space. I let my egg get cooked hard before I flipped it over, but that's just me. You could have a runny egg too if thats what you like.

So tasty.


  1. I love this too! When I make it I use an inverted drinking glass to cut out the space for the egg -- no cookie cutter required.

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    1. I made a boo boo. needed to fix it. :)

  3. My mother used to make eggs and toast like that for me when I was little. One of the best parts is the piece of the bread that is cut out. Butter it and toast it in the pan along with the rest of the bread/egg. LOVE THAT! Buttery and crunchy. I used to make this for my kids too. Maggie, I used a drinking glass also. I don't know why I never thought of using a cookie cutter. Duh! I did use a cookie cutter when making cheese sandwiches for my kids' school lunches - hearts or lips on Valentines day, etc. Can't wait til I can make those fun things for my new grandson. Have you met him?

  4. I missed this post all together- wow, I'm going to have to step down as your most dedicated reader.