Monday, September 24, 2012

Doggie Dress Up DIY

My little Meadow is quite the prissy little thing. She doesn't like to be cold. To her, 50 degrees is freezing and she doesn't want to go outside. I have realized that if I want her to go outside this winter, I better get her used to sweaters now.

I whipped this little number up in about 3 minutes. I have a very cute thin sweater that is nice and stretchy, but I just never seem to pull it out of the closet. I have it in my mind to make a few other things out of it as well. It was so easy to make this doggie sweater, I didn't even need to take step by step pics. Here is how it goes:
1. Cut a sleeve out of a stretchy sweater or knit long sleeve shirt
2. Try it on your doggie to figure out where you should cut the arm holes
3. Take it off the doggie, and cut the arm holes. I made some v shape slits that worked perfect.
4. Put on your doggie and watch them try to get it off.

Now, this next picture I am going to show you, is kind of violent, so young children or the elderly should look away from the screen as they might be frightened.
I know. It gets intense around here.

I'm working on this little knitting project too. I think I started sometime last fall... le sigh. Meadow is a good model.


  1. that is a scary picture! Your dogs are rabid! Does the sweater fray if you don't finish the edges?

  2. Emmy, I used a very thin, tight knit sweater, and so far, no fraying.