Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The devil, aka pinterest made me do it. Again.

Did you know that when you cut a hole in a canned biscuit and fry it an a half an inch of oil and then roll it in cinnamon sugar it turns into the most tasty doughnut ever? And served with milk it is magical? And if you also whip a thin maple glaze to drizzle over it, it is sinfully delicious? Of course you did. Your parents did it probably at least a dozen times when you a kid. BUUUUTTTTTT you forgot, that is until you spent an hour looking through recipes on pinterest.

The end.

pinterest also made me do this: deep dish pizza

 and this: frozen produce
 and these: pie pops
 and these: frozen blueberries dunked in honey greek yogurt
 and a banana oatmeal smoothie

I just looked back on my pinterest board and just as I suspected... I didn't pin or like any of these things... Sometimes I just like to look at 10 of the same thing then take what I like and mix it all up.

Why are all my blog titles about pinterest?

I am getting my hair chopped off in a week. Any suggestions???


  1. I cant believe u made pie pops and i wasnt included or invited. Also i told u u were constantly doing blogworthy things... im thinking faux hawk

  2. ASHLEY! Why are you doing this to me! AGH! I need to work out from just looking at those photos.

    Also, FYI, I wish you were here in Boston to do Jazzercise with me.

  3. Emily, I made them for the 4th of July... that's how much of a slacker i am.

    Mags, Some of these treats were healthy... Like the blueberries and the smoothie! I wish I was in Boston because it sounds amazing! I would so do Jazzercise with you. I should save up some money and come visit you. I have always wanted to visit the east coast.

  4. Emily, Faux hawk? How is that helpful??? I'm thinking asymmetrical bob.