Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pinterest Made Me Do It

Cake batter cookies just sound so wrong... mmm but they were tasty, and easy. I used this recipe although I'm sure there are several out there. I even found some cute little brown, yellow, and orange sprinkles to use. I only baked a few, and decided that they would be very good as slice and bake cookies.
I wrapped them up in some heavy duty foil and ta da! These cookies are good, but best right out of the oven, or shamefully, as the frozen cookie dough.

I have been doing several crafts and recipes from the beloved pinterest lately. I have a lot backed up that  I need to share. My bestie gave me a slap on the wrist for being a blog slacker. At least I have loyal followers! I can't be mad at that!

I am so grateful for the cool weather yesterday and today. I'm currently sitting by my open window with puppy and kitty on my lap snuggling for warmth! Lol. I also made some very tasty homemade maple coffeemate type creamer. It is perfect in pumpkin pie spice flavored coffee.

Uh oh, the puppy just noticed the kitty so I better go before this computer gets knocked off my lap.


  1. Cookies! Bring me some, I'm home now, although I should never eat again...

  2. Four things:
    1.) YUM!
    2.) Might be my fav blog post title ever.
    3.) Care package?
    4.) How many does the recipe make? The recipe doesn't say, and I'm keeping my eye out for easy, tasty recipes to make for Mandatory (in a good way) community meals.

  3. Emily, I almost made you some before I came over... but then I failed... Please see blog post in the next few days about my other failures.

    Mags: The amount of cookies it makes is in direct correspondence to how much cookie dough you eat. Lol. I made a dozen and a half the first bake and then two very nice size rolls for the freezer. I would say it makes about the same your average chocolate chip cookie recipe.

    Thanks for your comments girls!